Today’s activity is going to Jakarta Historical Museum. I got info from friends in AnimeIndo. The event from information is cosplay event. But upon arriving and took notice that the event is Batavia Art Festival, IMO, those cosplayers are the main point that look so out of place and ridiculous in a way. It’s not that their performance are bad, but their performance had not much with the whole theme.

My favourite of the day is Museum Taman Prasasti. To reach there, it took an effort. I fell asleep in the bus, and missed a bus stop. Had to wait, and then go down from Monas, to the National Museum. From there, I remember the museum is just walking distance away. But, I took the wrong street.

So, after another long long walk, finally got to the place, half hour before closing. The place is beautiful IMO. There’s lot of tombstones, but nobody stays there anymore. Everyone are either claimed by their family, or relocated to Taman Kusir. There are Dutch, English, some Chinese, and a tomb for 30 Japanese soldiers died in a battle.

The place had lots of trees, and because of the more difficult access, not many visitors came, so I think I could took somewhere to seat and actually spend hours enjoying the place. Felt inspiring. Want to take Gi-chan there also, but other than her family that has almost no free time allocation for her, I wonder how she would react about staying long in an ex-cemetary ground, after all, she’s a lot more sensitive than me in that case. ^^;

Returning back to the town square, there’s the marching band and opening ceremony. The event will continue to the night, but I go back early. It’s the end of the month also, so I don’t have much money to spend. If not, I’m thinking of going to the cafe closeby actually.

But, seeing so many peoples gathering for festival in the town square somehow made me feel happy and light hearted. Hope next time there’s event like this, I’ll be having an at least decent camera already.


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