C.M.B. 5 – spin off

Got this when reading C.M.B. 5 at office, skipping my supposed job checking proofs. Anyway, although I like the canon pairing there between Tatsuki and Shinra, Mou seems like a cute couple too. So, got inspired in making this one :D

Once upon a time, there’s Nanase orphanage. The owner’s only daughter is responsible on taking care of the children there, her name is Tatsuki.

Among the children, there are two special kids. First is Sakaki Shinra, a pure and simple kid but with knowledge about all secret of nature. Some peoples called him the son of god. He’s brought to the house by the three wise men, leaving him the ring with initials, C.M.B. Shinra likes Tatsuki very much, often childishly said he likes Tatsuki and want to marry her. Of course, it’s taken lightly by Tatsuki.

The other one is Mou Sygirl, a girl who one day came there with a huge briefcase on her back and founded almost dead on the front door before she managed to push the bell. Most of the time, she just play pranks on Shinra and likes to trouble him like a demon queen she’s known everywhere else in the underground world. But actually, she likes Shinra, only without a good way to express it. Her briefcase, there’s rumours that it holds her house in 4th dimension and that she sleeps inside at night.

Anyway, that’s of course not the story. C.M.B. is story about Shinra, a boy that’s appointed as successor of the three rings. The rings are created by order of the Queen of England for three best researchers, originally from the British Museum. With the ring, they have virtually unlimited research time and funding, and also able to see every scientific research materials they needed. In an occassion, the authority represented by the ring could also requested the opening of bank safety deposit box to retrieve a Guttenberg Bible stolen to be sold in black market.

But the owner himself doesn’t use the ring, almost never. He had a museum with collections he discovered on journeys with his foster fathers (the previous “three wise men”) and his dream is just to have peoples coming and felt amazed by the wonders of the world they never realized before. In Tatsuki, the girl that somehow got really involved with him, Shinra’s fathers gave him the ring because they knew he wont use it.


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