Summarizing the weekend (mostly about phone)

My brother came home last Wednesday (national holiday), but not because of holiday. This time, he returned with case of chickenpox and most likely two days late to visit the doctor or something. My main concern would be: I’ve never had that disease, and the virus is airborne. Cruelly, my brother told me the doctor said I’m just waiting for my turn probably in around two weeks.

Yeah right. I still had four proof to edit and probably two more scripts coming. Can’t afford taking my day off just to lay on the bed!!

Another activity in the weekend, I think I’ll try looking for a replacement phone next week. You know, one of the thing I constantly bitch about my current phone (iPaq 512) is the screen resolution, which used the bottomline minimum requirement for Windows Mobile 6. Unlike Windows 6 (a.k.a Vista) who raised the minimum screen resolution to 1024 × 768, WM6 stays in 176 × 220 minimum but the mainstream devices used 240 × 320 resolution already.

The result is at the developer and end-user relationship IMO. Developers target QVGA screen and forgetting the bottom line, just like website designers starts to target 1024 screen and leave out the 800 size. The applications don’t scale to lower screen size. The fun thing about Windows is not exactly Windows itself, but the 3rd party applications. If I can’t use the applications, I can’t say it’s used optimally.

Then there’s iPhone, which made using keypad so last year. I like having both touch screen and keypad and keyboards, I think they all had their better moments. But with the coming of that finger-friendly interface trend, there’s many applications claiming to be finger friendly.

IMO, touch screen, like shown by iPhone and all those notes jotting applications available for long time in Windows Mobile and Symbian UIQ, is nice for things that involves random pointing and followed by movements. That includes drawing, scrolling and panning. But for more precise functions, the pointy head of a stylus is should be more accurate than finger.

Keypad, is a lot quicker for pre defined functions I think, like shortcut keys. Looking through a known list such as contacts is also more efficient using keypad in my opinion. For those sub-species of humans doing SMS 24 hours a day, with a good keypad, they can type without seeing with great speed.

Keyboard is for long typing. Editing documents, or long messaging. Call me conservative, but I’m not buying on screen keyboards yet. The keyboard with terrible feedback from my college year still feel a lot better than the screen keyboard from the campus’ information kiosk.

The verdict, I guess I’ll look for replacement, perhaps next week. I read from an online ads, there are shop in Roxy (the local mobile phone shopping area) that there’s store that has few stock of second hand Dopod C500 (HTC S710). Black market model most likely, because the HTC representative here doesn’t import S710 (my suspicion is that they’re afraid it’ll hurt the sales for the more expensive S730 model) at my (forced) price range.

Slide keyboard is overpriced. -_-

More about that JesusPhone. I browsed around yesterday, finally trying to get what it means about making mobile web page for it. The result is… not really that different from the mobile web best practice in W3C. In a sentence: consider device with lower capability such as screen size, bandwidth, scripting, etc. Of course, making site for that specific screen size (IINM, 320 × 480) will alienate those using devices with lower resolutions though.


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