Staying too long…

How quick it is for the weather to change. When I get out of my office on 1630, the sky is already as dark as it would be on 1740. Thick clouds hung over the area and the western sky had milky gradation of yellow.

But by the time I decided to take whatever bus available, the sky already clears up. The moon is a bit red, like the clouds above it. Soon, it will be 12:00 for the month ^^

The bus is late, real late, or I just missed another one a few minutes earlier. And during the waiting, really, poverty is a problem isn’t it? With the busy life trying to get something to eat for tomorrow, children are sent as beggars and left to do anything.

There’s one kid I saw today, he seemed to enjoy putting his ears on the sidewalk or traffic light, listening to the voice. But he also spits and lick it again. I got “ACK!?”
But no parents are to stop such behaviour. They probably too busy doing something else, or had too many children. But that’s just an assumption.

Then I thought, let’s not starts the talk to assume all human are made equal. Even if they does, not all live equals. How would we treat poverty caused by lack of quality on the individuals ? This is not simply education that will hopefully show results in few generations after, but now. After all, which do you think has higher priority ? Better life for five year after, or surviving tomorrow without dying in hunger ?

The world is highly competitive. Rather than having many workers with average quality (and many paycheck to pay), it’s more efficient to have several Aces who will almost do everything. In a world like that, how would those who do lack the talent would survive ?

Or in the end, we’ll give up and say “let them die and free them from this worldly suffering” ?


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