Grounded by blisters >_<

*bitter laughs* So I do got infected by my brother’s chickenpox. Still light amounts of blisters so far and not yet itchy all over (other than light irritation and those damned mosquitoes). This means calling off all my weekend plannings and had to take days off (while I had one script not yet sent to pre-production and more proofs will flows in).

My dad say just take the medication my brother had. I’m not sure, so I want to go to the doctor for diagnosis. When my father called, well, he’s deeply annoyed about why I choose to go to doctor for something obvious and waste money. Indeed, the examination alone would cost 10% of my monthly paycheck, not including the medicines. Since I’m not yet a permanent employee until next year, the company won’t have benefits for medical treatment for me.

But the percentage. I’m still quite lucky to stay in my family’s place for now, but that is about the minimum wage of a decent job here. Seeing the comparison, it’s easily understandable why many had their sickness untreated isn’t it ?

The government is mostly considered to be unreliable and will only find way to let more than half the budget flows into their personal wallet, after all, “the lowly” will send their complaints to deaf ears who will protect each other’s ass. General election is coming ? Most peoples might also belief that all the candidates are the same anyway.

Education had the same cost issues, even though medias often showed that schools in rural region tends to have roofs that’s on the verge of collapsing (or already collapsed).


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