That’s nostalgic XD

My dad bought SP Troches by Meiji. It’s a throat antiseptic pill, shaped like Polo candy, and taken with the same method. I tried one, and upon popping it out, came a smell and taste that felt nostalgic.

Ah! The strawberry taste like toothpaste I had long time ago *laughs*

Anyway, today I had to delegate for my boss again. Along way, there’s a lot of complaints about many things from many peoples. Those are like workflows, peoples not taking jobs because it’s not counted into achievement index, lack of workers, sickness, and why there’s lacking of one shot comics lately.

But for tomorrow’s monitoring meeting, there will be lunch included. Starting next month, the Muslim are starting their fasting month of Ramadan. So, there will be free lunch served :D

But there’s story too about that month. During that month, most of the street side food sellers are closed during the day, as a forced respect towards those holding back their hunger by not giving them temptation of food.

Where’s the logic in that ? Two and a half decades living here, I think they prefer to eliminate threats than leaving it lingering around. This means, in public place, you’ll see restaurants closing their glass door and window with curtain so peoples outside (assumed majority are fasting) won’t need to see peoples eating.

And, what happened to food seller that doesn’t have that “solidarity” ? They’re attacked and later nobody came to their place, so they’re out of business. I don’t know the detail, but probably there are peoples threatening peoples to not come there. No, we don’t file lawsuit here easily, and the cost will not be affordable to most peoples anyway.

Then, I thought also when waiting for bus. There’s something called corruption by need. Supposedly, police are paid too low for their survival in this terrible economic situation that they’re forced to do illegal things such as taking bribes, or threatening business to pay.

But will giving them proper payment ends that act of corruption? No way. They know a way to get “easy money”. If they got properly paid, then that means they can get what, twice or thrice their monthly payment if added with the monthly wage. So why stop and settle with just one amount if you can get twice ? That way if thinking is there.


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