They should be making our life easier, right?

Talking about bank and the electronic transaction. I finally get a chance to visit the bank and print my account books.

So, I remembered the time when I’m opening a new account after moving to my current working place. It’s very different from my account at high school, or at university (we’re obliged to open an account at the university’s branch for auto-debet payment of tuition fees). Ah, during my working days, this is my first own account in BCA (one of the major local bank).

The cashier insist I must make my signature exactly the same as the one on my ID card, even though in my opinion, the main characteristic points are noticable; and I never seen anyone’s signature with that glyph style like mine yet. Over the year, my signature has evolved into rounder form. Now I’m kind of worried, if I use it in my new ID card (after this one expired), will I lost access to my account ?

Okay, so I did mention my first own account right? Well, the reason I didn’t have one before after graduating from university is because I’m prone to forgot putting my ATM card. In that situation, the card can only be blocked at the branch that issues the card (at that time, don’t know about now). My old account is from the branch near my home (several minutes walk from home) and far away from my office.

So, the account is under my father’s name, who has more time to visit the bank ^^; But closing is not so easy. Blocking the account needed notice from police, which after you made the report, you still have to give money under-the-desk. Most peoples I know just take all the money from the account and open a new one, then leave the old account to rot and closed by the system.

Anyway, I thought one of those account has been closed. I still had the number in my phone as my saving account. At the end of last month, I wrongly transferred the money to that old saving account rather than the new one. -_-


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