An hour for a bowl

Got my Dragon Age magazine, edition 2008-09. ^^
Titles on vacation in this edition is Legios (or has it ended?) and Zettai Idol, at least the two I actually cared of.

To reduce the distance, I switched several plans, specifically the looking around and picking up book. Luckily, only several small glitches.

While looking to fill the books I missed earlier weeks, I found out that the stock in Plasa Semangi’s Gramedia book store already runs out (or returned), so I only managed to get two. Finished Lovely Days 4 too, one book in the series left.

Anyway, list of things to look for. The SiS service centre doesn’t have the headphone jack adapter. Next thing in list is checking up notebook model for my brother. There’s not much notebook shops there though.

By the way, when sitting in the coffee shop, having iced camomile tea the store attendant say iced green tea, I saw someone having interview. I sat too far to eavesdrop. Never really had such long interview before. My previous ones are simpler and not too psychologically intense.

Around 16.00, moved to Kinokuniya and pick up the book. The Ramadhan decoration there looks good, especially a spot in an alley made for seating spot. They have colourful fabric and carpet with Arabian style. Ah, there’s also a furniture shop in the new area, but the design is too modern for me ^^;

The dinner plan, I want to try Marinara. Heard the place is not really that good, but I’ll try based on curiosity. Too bad, the place is fully booked, had to look for another alternative.

The alternative, left me waiting for an hour because they sent the order to the wrong table. The peoples in that table also doesn’t tell that the order went to the wrong table. *sigh*

That’s the activity journal. But my personal travel journal for today is the claw on the sky. First it’s just two trail of clouds left by jet (I assume). But when going back, there are four long and thin clouds, glowing red by the sunset light. That’s my trophy for today :)

Next week, I wonder if I could really save. The destination should be cheap, national archive building. If it’s the same as museums, should cost really cheap to visit.


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