Live Call beta

Found a funny thing yesterday. If you’ve installed the Wave 3 Beta, then you might know a new application called Live Call. Now, this application seems to also install something called “Click-to-Call BHO”. What this thing do is change something that looks like phone number into link.

For example, 01-23-4567

You might be able to click that number, but I’m not using any HTML tag to link it. It’s plain text, the BHO change it to a link.

I noticed this when browsing a forum, where the dates are formatted like that.

Where do you think these kind of thing can be used too? Messenger presence perhaps? Or maybe implementing Smart Tags ? (hasn’t heard of that product name for long) :D

Those that doesn’t like it could click on the “Option” (gear icon), “Manage Add-on”, and “Enable or disable Add-on” from Internet Explorer and then disable it.

Note: Anyone know how the format for livecall: number ?

Windows Live Tags: clubhouse, how-to, live call, wave 3

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