Been thinking of this “Imagine break”.

It’s not my voice, it’s not your voice, but it’s everybody’s voice.

Often, from motivational show, I got the feeling that one of the standard approaches is to give a feeling (illusion?) of pride, independence and power upon yourself and the world. Well, it’s true, we can’t make a pond without having a single drop of water.

But seeing it from the other side, we’re also not alone. The end result needed everybody else’s voice also. You’re not a god, just one among the many who have that equal voice as you (well, ideally). So, your voice matter, but so is theirs, and the final result will be for the greater good, not your good.

A single drop of water can’t form a pond, many drops of water does. So, have pride, but don’t look so high of yourself :D

In that case, why give everyone that feeling of “worthiness” ? Well, if everyone think they’re so insignificant, they’ll become apathetic right ? Not healthy.

Anyway, that’s ideally, without interference & interaction between elements and not counting the application of psychology to control opinion of the mass. In two words, controlled environment.


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