Last until who knows when

Yesterday’s trail of events. Plan is set fine. Finally, we could get to a date. She’s been having trouble getting out of home lately. During the Islamic new year family is going to be busy with relatives, and she’ll get dragged to their other house out of town, so that means difficult week again. They does invite me to stay overnight, but I’ll be killed by peoples in my home for staying (my mom is rather paranoid due to her friends’ children’s bad experience).

Kick that away, this is for yesterday. Went to Kinokuniya to pick up her birthday present, despite being a month late (I’m having budget problem back then). It’s a book, The Cloud Book (ISBN 978-0-7153-2808-8). As the title, the book is about cloud types and their descriptions. I choose it because of the many photograph of sky she’ll like ^^

Then, met with friends there and walk around a bit with them, looking at accessories, and clothes. They probably do shopping, but I’m only building my knowledge base about dress types. Afterward, we went to the supermarket. There’s a lot of imported ingredients I’d love to try and use. But being imported, the price is not friendly though.

Afterward, finally, went to the restaurant and claim the seat reserved yesterday. Yes, an all-you-can-eat restaurant. I did some embarrasing mistakes like dropping dish though, I don’t have enough hand to take dishes enough to eliminate several round trips :P

Probably because I get the wrong pace, my stomach is really full, can’t take more, it hurts. -_-

But nevertheless, enjoyed every moment of it, because it’s really rare that we could be out together this late :)


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