Urban cave living

My dream this morning. It started like an old Chinese movie in a restaurant. Then, there is an old man, if I’m not mistaken, works a living by sorting garbages.

The old man took me to his house in a cave. I first thought this is a low budget movie because the cave is so rectangular and the wall is definitely cement. The cave itself is located in a forest, with only a grey pillar of stone visible from the outside. We have to squeeze our way inside.

But inside is his one room home. I noticed that it might be under someone else’s house. This place is a small space where even when sitting on floor, I can’t get my posture straight. There’s only one table and a light hanging above.

The wall are not well lit, except from a large window facing the street, and several young marble stone (don’t know what’s that is, he mentioned the name) covered holes which is actually part of the house resting above, so it works like mini skylight.

I wonder what trigger this, and I definitely hoped for a different one before bed.

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