I miss that penguin

Now, as a disclaimer, I’m not in any way talking about technical stuffs such as quality and performance. There’s already much debate of that in other place. The one I’m talking about here is simply about a colossal drama I watched ever since my college years.

The big names are Windows, Linux and Mac. The colossal number of casts are the public opinion (although this is a personal observation, not formal defendable research).

Windows has been “the bad guy” for long time. Years back, the one who contests that supremacy is Linux. Both side has their noisy zealots of course, and both are noisy if you can’t adapt to listening their debates. ^^;

But recently, with Mac’s comeback, I think the anti-MS front has switched side and raised OSX as their champion to fight the overlord.

Maybe this is because my tech news sites reading are not the same as it used to, but I find it ironic that I almost never heard of Linux talked as much as it used to. Now, the recommended alternative for those not wanting to use Windows would be OSX, not any Linux distribution.

Anyone felt the same ? Or is it just a change of my point of view ?

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One thought on “I miss that penguin

  1. People love to hate big companies that is for sure.  I think that you are right and that linux had been fairly quite from the publics domain, that is atleast until the EEPC should up.  It seems like interest starting to brew on that front.  I also think that Apple may be getting ready to start falling in the eyes of its fans.  It’s software has been so bad lately, MobileME, itunes 8 and even the performance of the iPhone.  I think people are starting to see that it’s not so easy to keep up in software terms when you have millions upon millios of people using your product.
    Anywho, maybe i’m biased too…


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