Domestic animal cruelty

My aunt told me about a local news aired in TV. It’s still part of the issue about food quality here.

You know, things here are not less fucked up really. The local currency price is weakening, which is bad for a country where the peoples are still dependant on a lot of imported goods (thanks to the mentality of the peoples and government policy who seems to obey rich multi-national investors). All price is up, and like the disease of large corporation, the society is probably also in the phase that’s it’s dragging its own feet to grow even a miniscule percentage.

Other than the issue of junk food (literally junk as in domestic trash junk), and the age old non-food-grade chemical usage on food to save money in production, made the colour more interesting (like HDTV’s better than real colours) and more time on-shelf.

There’s another type of “creativity” they get, by injecting water to meat product, such as poultry or beef. This issue might not goes as big as the usage of industrial preservative because it’s just lying to the consumer but not as worse as poisoning them.

Saving cost for raising by reducing food will produce thin cattle, not really worth to sell for the needed profit to survive. So, they inject high pressure water to the animal’s body, making the flesh blow up in size (from my aunt’s story, to the extent that the water goes out from all holes of the animal’s body like eyes, nose, ears). That way, they can sell it with higher price like well-grown cattle.

At first, I thought this is done to animals already butchered and cuts to pieces for sale, but seems like that’s not always the case.

IMO, that’s not just cruel, that’s a Torturing process. But I afraid I don’t have much voice. Those doing it are not peoples you can just put in prison and gave hige cost of penalty, they’re peoples of the lower class who if told to stop because it’s a form of animal cruelty would just say back that their (human) life is more important and they needed a living in this recession age.

And after so much time with poverty problem, our government seems ready giving money to help the economic market from collapsing, helping those tax-paying (and bribe-paying) players but all this year not really shown enough care to the poor. *sigh*
Well, those gave more profit I guess.

I hate the world, at least human’s world. They always try to grow infinitely in place they shouldn’t. If it’s strife for knowledge and understanding, it’ll be good for everyone. But they strife to grow in wealth, capitalizing on everything, even something that should be for the good of many (yes, those overpriced drugs for terminal diseases), even to get money from something that doesn’t exist.


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