Good morning, autorun!?

Arrived this morning in my office, opening my flash disk, and there’s an autorun.inf file trying to initialize an vbs file!? I think I missed and plugged it to an unsecure location. >_<

Got to do full scan when I got home later. Office has been full of virus too lately.

By the way, last night got treated by my dad to a restaurant with my brother. Quite expensive though. It’s a Japanese food restaurant with the usual course (except the bigger more complicated menu). Several types of sushi, sliced salmon and tuna, teppanyaki with more variation of meat and fishes. There’s also some small snacks that’s decorated like overpriced food.

But special for me is two menu. oden and purin. Well, mostly because that two (especially the later) is a running internal joke between me and my girlfriend ^^;

Since the menu is displayed outside the restaurant, I took a look at the neighbouring Italian restaurant’s also. Looks delicious :D Too bad I can’t remember clearly what’s written in the descriptions.

Don’t have the rhythm for dining in buffet anymore. Every time I go to one, it always ends up the same way. Eat easily, and when I starts to feel full and stopped, it gradually goes down to the point where I feel vomiting is a great idea.

On another topic, ever had the situation that problems suddenly cure itself when you talk about it to others? For example, you had a problem with computer acting unexpectedly. So, you rave in a public forum about the problem. Then, without any answer and attempt, the problem is gone (to shows up random moment in the future).


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One thought on “Good morning, autorun!?

  1. Yes, we have something in the state called hometown buffet, I can’t drive pass the thing anymore without feeling "hot" too many birthday parties that went wrong as a kid…. :). 
    I work on computers all the time and basically the number one rule for me is that anything can and will happen.  Sometimes things just don’t make sense like something having a problem then it completely going away without really doing anything to change the situation.  I think computer are more emotional than we realize and sometimes need attention, and once they get it, they’re good, :), at least that’s my professional opinion…
    One last thing, your comic sounded really interesting, it is a little hard to get in the states, lol, as far as I know we don’t have much with that kind of extreme storyline, it can be kind of conservative over here when it comes to that stuff, but I am definitely curious


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