So cute!! メッチャカワイイ!! XD

Founded the diary yesterday, and lots of fun stuffs she wrote. For those wondering, it’s the online diary of Itou Shizuka (伊藤 静), a Japanese voice actress. I used to bookmark the wrong page, of a comic artist with the same name.

Got more free time now. I’ve finished most of the editing and the proofs, just now may there no fatal mistakes I missed, there’s no public beta for that kind of thing, online internal review, and then RTM. :P

So! Celebrating it, I went out to the ATM, pick up some money and bought myself pack of potato chips and nata de coco drink. Okay, actually I don’t have enough cash in my pocket even for paying bus to go home. The snack shopping is to get smaller change to make transaction easier.

Delicious, better than silicon chips of course, it’s edible. I even bought more for next week.

Now, to hunt for a person from the production crew. Damn, he should’ve sent the material for publishing, so how come nobody got it ? And contacting anyone here is difficult, nobody want to answer the phone.


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