Group pose

To tell the truth, I don’t know them ^^;

There’s a group who held a gathering (I suspect, from their interaction) in the same place I’m having dinner today.

About why they’re looking up, that’s because the place have a mezzanine level and that’s where the cameraman stand to have better angle for such large group.

Anyway, the topic is not that, but like title, photogenic. I also had several gatherings with friends from local online communities and many likes to take pictures of themselves. Here, we even had “self-proclaimed narcissist” who likes to boast that they’re so proud of themselves and pretend to “misheard” peoples’ comment (which made others not want to bother commenting them anymore). In my opinion, it shows lack of self-esteem in a way.

Returning to my report, I post the previous one from my phone. Comparing with other casual mobile journal post though, I think my style is still too much like when typing in computer.

Yes, I went to the southern district, passing the Blok M terminal (rarely stopped there). Despite wanting to take picture, I felt hesitated from taking out my phone in that place, it felt dangerous even in mid noon, and more when I returned at around 19.00.

Lots of bus, lots of peoples, lots of graffiti, an unused control tower (that looks like ATC tower) and an underground city with lots of pedestal street vendor.

The street to Pondok Indah area are surprisingly not congested as usual. From home, I reach my destination in less than two hours. Usually it’ll take probably half an hour longer.

About the shops, like I mentioned, playing to the hardware shop is refreshing although I didn’t buy anything. They’ve started stocking small Christmas day decoration.

My favourite corner is the gardening lane. There are mini fountains, wind chimes, garden tables, faux stone walls. The other alley that caught my attention is the bathroom utensil’s. The small seems as if portable wash basin looks like design for airplane or submarine, but the decoration for drug cabinet caught my attention. Ah, and there’s those expensive shower stall, with steam, various sprays, radio, and phone line ^^;

The (faux) antique shop in the other hand, sparks inspirations. Loved those English style wood furniture and room mood, not too elaborate, but also not plain. Not feeling comfortable with the modern and more minimalist design styles.


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