Waking up, and it slightly smells like shit, literally. I don’t really understand, whether my bedroom’s ventilation had problem, or my brain just short circuited the memory storage again, but in less than a minute the thing is gone like a mere dream.

By the way, last year, a friend’s family asked me to make a website for a cottage they have which are rented for camping. That’s last year, and although I asked for the materials needed (pictures and content), the progress is slow. My work load at that time is fluctuating, so I doesn’t rush them (besides, it’s a voluntary non-professional work).

Recently, last week actually, they want to continue the plan. They gave the material, not much, one PDF with content fitting to be presented in Power Point slides. No high quality pictures and those included are not inspiring at all *sigh*

And this year I’m not as free as I used to. Although I made personal deadline by the end of the year, I wonder if I could finish it by time.

Besides, I’ll have even less time to start writing again. 24 hours is not enough in these age.

By the way, spent the whole Sunday at home, almost not walking a step out of my room. Felt tiring, really.


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