Q: Mark all feeds as Read

Recently in my free time, I’ve tried looking for way to use Powershell to set all my subscriber RSS feeds as read. The case is, I doesn’t read all the feed everytime. Sometimes, I’ve also read it in my other device. In this case, I need a one-click solution to mark all of them as Read.

Popping up Live Mail and mark all as read on the Unread Feeds works, but not really one-click solution.

Anyone know the script I can use ? Especially what attribute or method can be used to set the feeds’ read status ?

This is what I tried. But I think the last line is wrong.

$fm = new-object -comObject "Microsoft.FeedsManager"
$fu = $fm.rootFolder.subFolders | %{ ($_.Feeds) }
$fui = $fu | %{ ($_.Items) } | where { ($_.IsRead) -lt 1 }
foreach ($_ in $fui) { $_.IsRead = 1 }


Windows Live Tags: powershell, question, rss platform

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