Back to nature (on time management)

Time is measured by something… measurable, often, a periodic cycle. Our clocks nowadays used atom vibration. There are those that used spring, pendulum, etc.

Even the larger time cycle, we have a day, a month, a year.

Not so dependable though. Yesterday, it’s cloudy. Although it’s spring, closing to summer in the southern hemisphere, from the luminescence of the sky, I felt 17.30 like 18.00. And 18.00 felt like 18.45~19.00 because of the rain.

No sun on the sky either, so there’s no guessing by angle. But this morning, when looking to the east and saw a shining spot behind the cloud, the angle is higher than I expected either.

Turn to a more fatal use of non-standard cycle is earlier this morning. My brother is going to college out of town, so he stayed in a shared apartment with his friend. He returned usually on Friday (about twice a month).

Yesterday, he went home. Yes, as everyone might guessed, I woke up and already reviewing my weekend activity schedule. Then, my aunt asked me, what day this is. I checked the calendar in Windows, and… Friday. To the bathroom!

Windows Live Tags: daily life, perception of time, time


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