Her steam venting

She had a permission to go out by herself (usually, her parents asked her to go with the driver, which they will use as an excuse to tell her to come back home early). For someone who’s already 27 years old, that’s overprotective isn’t it? Thanks to that, we rarely ever had time to go out together until later at night.

About last night, I’m glad at least they’re listening and starts thinking more about contents.

We also met her old classmate, so she had time to vent out her problems with family, most are not something we don’t know already (it’s just chronic). The details are not ethical to tell in public like this without permission, so this ends here.

On the wired side. PDC starts next week! Even as a non-IT Pro, the events excite me as an enthusiast of Microsoft products. There, finally the news will rolls out with more information about what to expect. For example, on Windows 7 and Windows Live’s service.

Another announcement I’m expecting very much also is a from a post in the Live Mesh’s team blog (via Liveside) that there will be update to prepare for Open Beta. Finally the rest of the world can try the service too! (>◇<)9

By the way, I think this deserve what the anon in 4chan would use the overused term “epic fail” for. *LoL*
The characters in the left side of the title pictures an Oriental style grave, and the letter in the middle is “Haka” (grave).

The other articles are fun also, showing about the quirks of that part of modern Japanese society ^^;

But I find this case happened in my place also.

Comment post by Nick Ramsay

[…] anyway, one possible reason for IMs’ lack of popularity could be that the Japanese find it so hard to say goodbye. I can imagine an endless stream of “okay, goodbye”, “bye”, “yes, see you”, “you go first”, “no please, you leave first” comments.

Hell yeah. Had that. To end a conversation, just rudely leave, or else both side will keep saying “bye” to each others like a staring contest.

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