Restart Dreaming

Start your week with dreaming, exactly what I did.

The dreams are split into at least four sections.

First section have me getting four computers. The specs are nothing out of ordinary, just the usual consumer home PC. But the four are placed in an elaborated platform, supercomputer style towering casing in the middle with four control centre style panel table at four side of it.

The fact that it’s running Windows for daily personal activity itself while making it’s placement and positioning in a building (I think I made it as some kind of corporate campus) and looking as if it’s doing as the institution’s central computing system is an irrational set (but this is a dream anyway, things could be as screwed up as it can be).

I mention corporate campus because sometimes, I feel the limit is blurred whether I’m there as a student, or because I work there (not as education staff).

The second section has characters and story from a game I’d rather not speak out here.

Third section showed the classroom, which is a cross between an assembly hall and a hallway with students grouping together. In the first story in this section, I’m damn sleepy, and do something I don’t remember. But the teacher then took me after the class to a corner outside in the terrace (with cage-like fence facing the busy street) and give me long speech while smoking).

The second story has a lecturer, with face reminding me of an American presidential candidate who tell story to the student about how he want to crack a device that monitor the staffs location; because the students seems to want the teacher out of the room, so he set it to go out, and he came back in when they had their mood fixed. Not clear, and I’m from other group going to the toilet at the time.

Fourth section is on toilet, a really large one with almost nobody inside. Then, some girls came in (the entered the wrong door, no bad intention). Things get rather chaotic when that girl came in to look for her friend who had also came in earlier in hurry and not caring to change to the girls toilet due to the urgency. The scene gets more crowded with the toilet become mixed use.

Nothing kinky, if any, both the boys and girls are just slightly annoyed and shrugs it off easily.

Fifth section… I only remember key scenes and keywords such as hotels, evening schedule, crossing street, naval ship, 8’000 (sum of money).

So, a long dream after a week without it. (*^▽^*)

On unrelated note. Vista introduced WEI as a simple way to measure computer capability, split in (for now) six level with one point decimal number. But for tech sites, there seems to be an easier metric isn’t it ? “Will it play Crysis ?” (^_^;)


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