Got a free ticket for Max Payne today. The movie starts on 09.00, before the other shops in that place opened. Because of the previous experience, I went out early, and arrived a nice 30 minutes early.

Getting earlier is a good thing, because if I’m not mistaken, this is the 4th Sunday in a month, our local authority decided to close the Sudirman and Thamrin street (one long busy boulevard in the central business district) to promote less usage of motor vehicle and reduce pollution.

The citizens, who enjoyed a very high utilization of personal vehicle think this is a bad move, because instead of using public transport, they took alternative routes and clogged the traffic in those alternative streets.

Back to the movie. First a disclaimer, I’m not an intellectual film watcher, means I don’t complain about weak plot, bad characterization, shallow philosophical message, etc. My result are binary: enjoyable, not enjoyable.

Enjoyable, but kind of flat. The actions doesn’t feel special, and so does the special effect. Many scenes felt like that when you play game and the character walk through and empty street without any events. That “It’s here, but I don’t feel like I lost some memories of what just happened”. It’s not something that are remembered when the next scene came (I’m not touching the part about if it’s memorable after walking out of the theatre).

Luckily, it’s a free ticket.

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