Summarizing unimportant routines

Hasn’t been productive in writing day-to-day story here lately am I ? I got pressed by my boss to quickly finish the editing of the three titles for December that I hasn’t submitted yet. The problem is, all three is in the translators. One said she’ll finish it soon (and I finished it by today), the other one said she didn’t know I need it urgent (and she had more than six in queue from other editor). While the other, I guess because I don’t like that one so I forgot sending it to the translator.

Actually, considering the yearly plan, it shouldn’t be a matter for that last one. Book 12 would be published on Febuary 2009. But with our crisis of ready to publish materials, we have a really “adjustable” schedule to say.

Anyway, I got another new titles to work on. Tomorrow, I should start distributing the scripts to the translators again I think. *sigh*

On more natural things. It rained at the first half of this week, on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday’s rain is heavier, but I still find that I need not to open the umbrella (although I bring it with me).

Ah, on Tuesday, after going for meeting in the other building, I got trapped by heavy rain, while my girlfriend came already to the office (ノω・、)

But today, the whole moisture is wasted up. From Wednesday, there’s no rain and in fact, terribly hot.

Moreover, it’s my bad luck with public transport day. I waited long, and because of the traffic jam, the bus went through freeway, skipping the place I’m waiting. So I took another bus, and after transferring to another mini bus, it got engine malfunction and I have to switch to another.

Thinking of that, I wonder if I should’ve gone to Roxy and check for the camera instead, and so I could try and take picture with it on tomorrow and Saturday. (* ̄ー ̄)ゞ

Yes, my plan for tomorrow, private Halloween party. Not really in a traditional way, just need a date with reason to do something special. Too bad she can’t go out late at night due to the over protective parents.

By the way, Indocomtech (a local IT product sale event) is two weeks away. Going to try look for a new DVD drive and wireless router there.

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