NG Life

By Kusanagi Mizuho (草凪 みずほ). Published by Hakusensha.

Long-long time ago, in the town of Pompeii (yes, that Pompeii) there live a Silicus, a poor aristocrat who live as a gladiator. He have a wife he loved so much, Serena. But when the volcano erupts, he have to go on duty helping his master. His wife choose to stay instead of evacuating the city. Then, both died with the other citizen.

Fast forward around 1900 years later. Silicus has reincarnated, in the distant country in the east. Keidai, his current self, has his memory from past life and he still waits for the time to be reunited with Serena.

But unlike him, the other peoples he know of doesn’t have that gift of remembering past life. His best friend Roleius is reborn as Mii, Keidai’s classmate, and a girl. Because of their closeness, many think they’re dating. Of course, Keidai only think of her as a friend, male friend from past life.

His parents are not strangers. In the past life, his father is named Raul, a rich aristocrat playboy who plays with lots of girls and even tries hitting on Serena once.
While his mother is Aria, Silicus’ younger sister.

To make things worse, he’s finally reunited with Serena, reincarnated Yuuma, as a male; and of course like most peoples, has no memory of past life.

Keidai is rather hysterical most of the time. He often get overlapping image Yuuma and Serena. He loved Serena with his life, but he’s not interested in becoming homosexual. In the other hand, he starts to realize more of a growing love towards Mii; which in the same way, made him hysterical when thinking he’s in love with his best friend (male) and betraying his beloved wife.

Love comedy genre. I’ve read only two book so far. I starts to suspect that Roleius loved his friend, so he choose to be reborn as a girl, while Serena might want to let the two have a happy life too.

The title, NG is for No Good. Imagine the thing when director said Cut for a re-take.


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