Taken Over

After going to Mangga Dua to look for CD for my father, I went to Kota. There’s an event sponsored by the local department of tourism from November 8th to 9th.

And I’m so so wrong. From yesterday, and today, the whole square is infested by mass from FBR. What is that? Well, it’s a civil organization in Jakarta. In my opinion (and I think many others), it qualifies as a private army. They’re organized, and could send down their mass on a raid.

Not really bad if it’s against another organization that also cause problem, but if it’s done against civilian their leader think is wrong? And also the members could tend to be arrogant because of the number and think they’re above the law. Well, the usual problem with a private army.


Doesn’t get many pictures. During such time, able to ride motorcycle sounds very practical.


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