Bad luck

I lost my wallet. T^T

It happened when I get off the taxi. Because the driver had no change, I search in my bag. Then in a hurry, I forgot to put my wallet in.

Called the taxi company, hope they could find it tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Bad luck

  1. Yeah this really sucks. It didn’t happen to me…and hopefully never will lol, but I can imagine the feeling. I have a habbit of having all the important cards in my wallet. So if I lost it, I’m screwed for a loooong time.
    As Kelly Martens below said, Good luck finding it again.

  2. Yes. Thanks everyone.
    I hope it really falls in the taxi and they find it; far better than dropping it in the street.
    Doing the administrations for all the cards in there is really a hell of troubles.

  3. ahh that sucks..  if only all you needed was your windows live account to pay for things or for use as identity…  no more loseable media, just a finger print or something clever…


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