Indo Comiket (仮)

Another plan for Comiket-like event, but just an opinion of would be visitor.

Quick introduction. Comiket or Comic Market is the name of the largest book selling event, held twice a year in Tokyo, Japan. But not just publishing company, the most interesting part of the culture is the amateur work area, where amateur comic writer and such sell their works.

For those outside Japan, well… this is one of those things that become your statement of geekyness. (^_^;)

Anyway, the plan has been mentioned more than once. The previous one has no exact date, but most peoples expect June, and then November, then all hopes are lost. This time, the organizer mentioned that they’re backed by an association. This really give hope of more professional event, bigger, merrier, and something to be proud of as well as declaration of existence.

I’m not an author and have no plan on participating in any stand. But I planned on coming as a visitor, and maybe buy interesting comics. So my concerns are from a visitor’s point of view.

The organizer doesn’t speak a word of where and when the event is planned to be held. They only mentioned it will be mentioned as soon as there are enough participants are registered. For me… that’s as good as 80% never ever. Maybe I’m too strict on that, but I can’t trust it. I also don’t like the word-of-mouth-only approach of communicating the event, at least I hasn’t seen it mentioned in any community, nor media that I know.

I won’t check the website everyday. In a few week, I’ll mostly forget about the event. Then, one day, when I already had another plan, the news finally came (through words-of-mouth) that the event will be held. I don’t want to make last minute change unless necessary, so I might not came. Done, another bad memory and worsened sentiment.

In short, if the organizer are serious, they should give timeframe. At least make a deadline and threshold to decide go or no-go for the event. Then, follow the schedule; instead of giving something ambiguous like “when there’s enough interest from participants”.


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