Book sales

Today, we had employee only cleanup sale in the parking lot under our office. The books are products of the book and multimedia publisher group of Kompas-Gramedia group. Discount is up to 70%.

The best seller there is the Indonesian National Geographic magazine. They sell the 2005, 2006 and 2007 edition in package of 11 books (without December, I wonder why). A package is priced at Rp.40k (±€2.47), that’s more than 97% discount. I bought one package, 2007.

Other books I bought are three cooking recipee book. Actually there’s a non-fiction book about language that tempts me to buy it. But because I think I won’t have enough free time to read it, and I don’t really bring much cash, I leave that one out.

But… bringing them home is another story. Yes, that 11 books is the primary weight and strain to my arm and shoulder.

PS: two weeks to arrange a new ID card? They must be kidding.


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