Finished most of the works today. Still continuing the sale story, today I bought some more cooking books and also a gardening book. The gardening book is more for reference, because it has pictures and names of many tropical plants species, especially flowers.

Then, because I’m rather free, for lunch I decided to go to Plasa Indonesia to pick up my subscribed magazine. Then, going to the basement to get a lunch, which cost me a lot (T_T)

Anyway, back to the office, before we go home, the boss gave us a stack of comic to check for parts that needed censorship. The place I work in is conservative about such things, but it became even more critical lately due to the pornography law.

In comic, kissing scene and casual nudity needed censorship, even in comic which is already targeted for elementary school students in its home country. Something more than that? I heard in a title, they even cut off a whole chapter(!?)

BTW, currently I’m trying to manage 4 online diaries, which seems really difficult to keep up with all ^^;


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