Lately, I’ve been using Hatena. It’s an online web service that’s popular in Japan. They released an international version for some of their services, such as Haiku (microblogging site) and Star (content ranking system).

The Japanese site has more services, 15 in total. Site layout is rather… Japanese (compare with Messenger Japan’s site), and some of the services are tailored to something that might be adapted to the local internet culture.

Anyway, I hope Windows Live wave 3 could also include this site into their partners.

For specific feedback, I want to use the Hatena Star service in Live Space. This service adds a star icon as well as comments. Other user visiting, who likes the content, can click add a star (probably same as Digg and similar sites).

The service can be installed to various online journaling services, such as WordPress. But it’s not possible in Live Space, because the template in Live Space is very limited. For security, users can’t add javaScript contents. Well, it might be possible using Gadget, but I’m not a developer type.

BTW, here’s a list of the other services.

  • Question (Q). Similar to Live QnA I guess. A service to ask question and get it answered by other users.
  • Antenna (A). A website checker service. The service will check sites regularly and shows the new part of contents. Perhaps using difference between their cache. Useful for contents that are not dynamically generated.
  • Bookmark (B). Social bookmarking service. According to the article in Wikipedia, the largest in Japan.
  • Diary (D). The name kind of explains it right ?
  • Fotolife (F). Picture gallery and sharing. Probably similar to the to be released Live Photo.
  • Group (G). Hasn’t try this, but in the description it says groupware.
  • Keyword (K). Other than B, I think this is the most important service. Keywords are like wiki pages, readily linkable from every other services. It also receive the trackback from all contents linking it, so visiting the keyword, user can check for pages that mentioned the keyword. But unlike Wiki, in pages about business, it can also have commercial contents.
  • RSS (R). Web based RSS reader. I still doesn’t understand how to set it to auto check for updates.
  • Counter.
  • Graph.
  • Star (S). Content rating system. Users can add stars to content they liked.
  • Messages (M). Internal messaging service. Not really sure about this one yet.
  • Haiku (H). Microblogging site. Other than text, it also has web camera and oekaki (drawing) post.
  • Ring. Like Webring, to connect sites with similar interests. Never used this one.
  • Ideas (I). Place where users can post and discuss ideas openly. Feedback seems to be posted here too. Other users have the option to give points for great ideas.

Some form of the integrations between services I’ve noticed so far.

  • All contents that has certain keywords are aggregated, there are list of most recent entries. In reverse, contents such as bookmark will also have numbers of users adding that same bookmark.
  • Stars works in all contents in the Hatena. This includes RSS feeds, bookmarks, Haiku posts, photos, etc. Also external sites that employ the service.
  • There are special codes to easily link to other users (like LiveJournal’s <lj-user /> tag). But this is not limited to diary post. There’s also code to easily link to photo for example, to post the photo in diary or Haiku.

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