Computer shopping

It seems that the psychological limit for budget conscious notebook buyer in Indonesia now are Rp.8 million (USD 1 = IDR 12k, approx.).

My brother had sold off his old tablet PC and looking for new model. Sadly, I don’t know enough about budget level notebooks. It made me kind of regretting it.

Today, we went to look for and buy a new one. The list of candidates all are above the budget constraint, Vista included. So finally we settled on an Toshiba Satellite A215. The variation has AMD Turion X2 TK-57, 2 GB RAM (after upgrade), 160 GB 4800RPM HDD and ATi Radeon X1200 graphic. It cost Rp.7.5 million. I didn’t notice that the specs.

A search after getting it home shown, this is a 2007 model. There are variants available with faster CPU as well as larger hard drive. Most important thing I noticed is that the hard drive is slow. Hope it won’t kill him during gameplay.


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