Live wave 3, second take

Second take on the new Live updates, after the first day excitement; so, comments and mostly feedbacks, although I’ll try avoiding those already mentioned by other users.

Some of the contents here could be redundant with what I mentioned in my previous post.


The new header. Well, I like it, cleaner. I’m poisoned already by these kind of design rather than the bevel of wave 2. Not much to comment on this one.

The new dynamic header is cute (I used the tugboat). But this works only in Home and Profile. In Mail, it seems static as far as I’ve seen. The size is also bigger, so it can only be displayed half in part with smaller header space.


The new Live home has updates. The concept is your online-stalking-activity data aggregation system. It will show what your friends are doing lately, like what they posted in their blog, or comment to others about.

Like the RSS, this is not information you can’t find by yourself. But less running around here and there is always a good thing; it’s proving where human evolution is heading to *seeing the Hutt*

Mail module is still there, and still more reliable than the one in in meaning that it’s more often successful in pulling list of mails in the inbox.

Weather module. In the previous version, weather icon is shown in the header, the sun and clouds and lightning (no snow here in the tropical region (T_T). Although in my opinion, the new weather icons looks like the weather icons in HTC’s TouchFlo interface.

The weather icon is grouped together with other at-a-glance info, such as weather information (in text), date, number of private messages & invitations, and link to calendar.

There are new themes too, like in Mail’s latest update. In addition, there are dynamic themes, which will change according time of the day and weather. But because weather information are shown in the header theme, weather icon will not be available.

  • The homepage should access contact information, then check if there’s RSS feed available for the website listed in Friend’s contact information.
  • RSS aggregator built in, instead of the MSN news headlines. These should shown a number of new headline from list of feeds, like Vista’s Feed sidebar gadget.


If Home is the online-stalker’s newspaper, Profile is where you publish your side of those information for your online-stalkers.

Suggestions for users. First, visit the details. Fill in the still empty information (such as education) as you like. Then, set the permission only for those you trust. Remember, some institutions, such as bank, uses those personal contact information for identity verification sometimes, so for your own safety. Don’t want to have the next Palin’s e-mail victim right ?

You could also add other activities in the internet to your profile, so visitors could see what you’re doing. So far, Microsoft had activities from popular sites such as Twitter, WordPress, Stumble Upon, Flickr, PhotoBucket, etc. More are coming. For services that’s not available yet, you can use Custom Blog activity.

But, custom blog can only be added once. I had account in Facebook, LiveJournal, Hatena, etc. I can only choose one.

  • Option to have alias name is gone. Previously, I only enter my real name in registered account information. For public profile, I entered alias name (this one). But now, I had to put it in both outward-facing and inward-facing profile.
  • Custom blog can only be added for one site. I think, multiple instance of this activity should be available, like the List in Spaces.
  • Need the ability to reject someone’s invitation and tell them about it. I personally prefer knowing that my invitation is rejected rather than having a load of “Invitation Sent” filling my box. I’ve found only the option to ignore, and even block the person altogether. There are times when I only not want to add to Network, but still open for contacts.
  • Adding network is still confusing to navigate.


Not much changed. Spaces doesn’t become lighter, but visually flatter (in neutral meaning). From the visitor side… other than the new header, and new default font (Calibri?), Spaces is just what it used to be.

From the owner’s side, there have been complaints about Stats not working. But this might just be rollout problems.

Anyway, feedbacks.

  • Multiple categories, or at least tags, just like other similar services.
  • Enable customizing of each modules. I’d like a simple one, like the option to make Title module transparent.
  • Enable option to not show Albums in SkyDrive module. Look at the one I placed in this Space. If you organize photos into many folders, it’ll get cluttered soon.


Previously known as Contacts in Messenger and Mail. Not much changed, so I’d just like to add a suggestion.

  • Show category in Profile detail, and allow user to edit them by typing, just like in the old Outlook. I need this functionality to reorganize my contact list.
  • Allow persistent custom pictures for users that doesn’t post their own picture, or is not in Windows Live.


I’ve just noticed something, the change of file limits. Since Photo is now hosted in Skydrive, we have 25 GB of space to save the photos to. This is shared with other files.

This means, we can have larger and more files uploaded. Previously, it’s 500 per week, so if you’ve just returned from vacation with huge pictures more than that quota, you’re out of luck.

25 GB is large place to save things. But in the long term, if I save a lot of other files to share too, I think I’ll still appreciate 500 pictures per week. This goes down to behaviour pattern.


  • Some parts still doesn’t have the complete new header. Example is Spaces. Then, Mail and Peoples too.
  • Still no easy-to-remember URL for Profile (kind of ironic when thinking that Spaces is under Profile).
  • Make alias of the URL in singular and plural. Personally, I’m confused, should it be Profile or Profiles, Space or Spaces, Photo or Photos. So, if the team could link the same resource to and for example (hasn’t tried this though).

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