The stinks starts

Once again, we’re in that moment of the year. Every year, the Muslims commemorate when Abraham sacrificed his only son Isaac for God on top of the mountain. The tradition is, the Muslims will sacrifice animal, Qurban (sacrifice). The animal would be lamb, like what God has given to Abraham in place of his son.

In practice, the animal could be a cow, or goat (because I think lamb are difficult in tropical country like this). Now, the direct environmental impact of this is the smell. The animals are sold everywhere the seller think is a potential market. This includes empty unused land lots, or any open ground by the street side. Smell of those animals are clearly distinguishable from quite a distance.

Smoke hole

By the way, this is from this morning, under the flyover bridge at Slipi. When seeing it, I think of a stone age stove.

Actually, the dark strip is drainage channel about half metres deep. Inside, someone collect trash (old newspapers) and burn it, thus the smokes. The stone standing above it is uncommon though, probably coincidence rather than intended.

2008-12-04 Rain at office 009 (744x1024) Then in the afternoon, a big rain around lunch hour. I bring my own lunch from home, so I don’t really have problem about crossing the rain.

But, this is from the rooftop next to my working place. One of the drainage pipe from roof, and I just think that the water flow will look pretty. Tried some preset settings, but this one showed up in most natural colour (as far as my visual memory).

I think, I should have zoomed out a bit, so the splash under the pipe could be seen better.

Anyway, this is the year end. All managers are preparing reports. Our company published several types of books. Comic books (the division I’m working in), Business & Management book, Children education (including software), Computer books, Parenting, etc. In the big picture, products are separated into text book and comic book.

Now, here’s the WTF part. Comic division of course, published more books per month. But the information system, and matrix used to calculate our achievement as well as yearly bonus, is based on the text book publishing. This gave us the staffs, as well as our managers, quite a hell in preparing such reports. We had different business process!

By the way, I added the Twitter web activity, my user id is natsuki_seika. But since most of my post will most likely be cross-posting to Hatena Haiku (using Twitter×Haiku) , it’ll be in Japanese. The exception would be if I posted using my mobile phone (using Tiny Twitter) because my mobile phone doesn’t support Japanese text input.
That will be my main request for Windows Mobile 7, unicode support for all version of the phones. The iPhone could do this IINM (it’s not released here).

2008-12-04 009 (1024x768)Talking about not released, That’s the worst thing about Zune compared to iPod, we can’t buy it. No matter how great it might be, if there’s none of it in the store, that’s meaningless.

PS: the sky when I went home today.


2 thoughts on “The stinks starts

  1. Back when I used to live in the middle east, we went through the animal sacrifice every year, and it was a very clean and environmently friendly process. Maybe for that fact that we used to live in United Arab Emirates. We had to leave the city and go out to places in the desert where they sold lambs, sheeps, and other animals. The animal shop then takes care of the slaughtering process if we decided so, or we could take it home and slaughter it in the backyard. But even then, my dad did an incredible job in making sure it was a clean process.

  2. It does down to matter of life standard here I guess.Majority of peoples are in the mid-to-low economic level, and government had their hand full with agenda and unsatisfied peoples and other money problems. While the peoples are “fighting to survive today” type.Slaughtering process here took place in the neighbourhood, or often in the closest mosque, then shared with the community and the poors.I never watched one myself, so I can’t say much about the cleanness.


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