City of Ember

Amazingly, I wrote quite a lot this morning, and time passes slowly.

In the afternoon, as planned with my family, we’re going out for lunch. A Chinese restaurant nearby is making promotion (with term and conditions apply), IDR 1’000 for a roast duck (USD 1 approx. IDR 12k). That’s technically free actually. Failed though. because the place is all packed. Instead, we go to another place for lunch. After that, me, my brother and my dad went to watch the movie.

The choice… I’m not interested in Bolt, and Tropic Thunder has been taken down already, so the choice is City of Ember (BTW, Ember in Indonesian means bucket, although in our case, the second ‘e’ is pronounced the same as the first).

Personally, I like the setting a lot. I like the system of the city, about the electrical system, pipes, food supplies. And also I like the social system around the assignments, yes it’s forced unto them, but it’s also a mean so that there will be people for all the vital yet unpleasant jobs too. There’s not enough informations about the monsters and the darkness around the city though, which might be addressed in the next novels (which might not see the light of movie studio).

Overall, I think my rating would be “for DVD” instead of “for cinema”. I can imagine more of myself watching this movie in the lights of living room without deeply captured by the dramatics, yet still following the plots. Don’t get me wrong, I just think, the quality in it is not in the actions nor the actings, but in the story itself, so no need for the big screen and sound systems.

My comment about one of the climaxes. That way out of the city must be the last childhood dream from peoples building the city (^^;)

Since this came from a novel book… it made me want to see the other such sci-fi or post-apocalyptic novels made to movie too (lazy to read). Not that I read them, I’ve only read some synopsis while looking for reference of a comic I worked on. The author gave every chapters title from various novel books, starting from “R is for Rocket” to “The Rocket Man”.

Then, carbonara pasta <== suddenly unrelated topic.


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