Live Spaces for me

Recently, Technogran posted her impression and feedback towards the updated Windows Live service. The focus is towards how she felt the direction Live Spaces is pushed back in preference towards the social networking of Windows Live.


Facebook and social networking might be the golden boy in Web 2.0, the killer application. As far as I see, it’s just improving things already available and make it easier (like feeds rather than routinely patrol dozens of sites). But as a media of expression, I can’t catch the concept of what’s so good about it.

I still think blogging is really more about self expression. Tell stories, write down ideas, publish it to the world. From those writing, we can show our personality in the deeper side. What makes our interest, how we think and respond to something.
For example, by such long post and incoherent trail of thoughts, it’s not too hard to guess that I’m the type that have randomly scattered ideas and likes to make things more long-winded than it should, right ?

Then, engaging narration of what happened is much better than short information like in social networking or microblogging IMO. I’m with the generation that prefers movies than reading novels, but those executive-summaries type of social interaction is too short isn’t it?

I enjoyed the new update to Windows Live; especially Home, it gave me quick information about the new Spaces post by peoples in my network. I can also monitor conversational comments in Spaces other than mine (although limited).

But the central part in expression should still be what content they pushed in (although I didn’t really enjoy conversational twits). I also still feel better about Profile because it didn’t make it easy to comment right there, so visitors would still have to go to my Spaces to read the rest, and comment. Notes is also looking more intimidating that Facebook’s Walls (a good thing, rather than having those filled with too much comments).

If any, among all the Live services, I’m still disappointed by the change, or lack of change thereof, to the Live Spaces. I’m not a good analyst, the part I seen to change is the smaller and flatter header. Then, the removal of Spaces from the single-click-accessible in the new Wave 3 header to a two-step access.

By culture, I’m not thinking deeply about it; but for others, this could imply the change of order in priority by the Windows Live team, as seen that the Profile is right next to Home. In addition, Spaces move to the lowest in the top group (Calendar, Events, Groups) but that might be taking it too far.

Back to serious thing. Rather than change, I’m not satisfied with the lack of change. in Spaces. As I mentioned in my older post, with the new “social networking” aspect moved to Profile and Home, I’m hoping that Spaces team could have the burden to chase Facebook’s popularity lifted off their shoulder, and they could start focusing on the blogging side, chasing the likes of WordPress.


I’m on the geek side, or maybe enthusiast is a better term… I accepted the change in Windows Live, because it’s a change. Yes, a lame thing, but I like new things for computer-related technology (* ̄ー ̄)ゞ

The full potential itself is difficult for me because peoples around me doesn’t like Microsoft. Example is the staff in the computer magazine editorial next door seems to be with popular opinion, the Google and “anything but Microsoft” faction.

IM in this region is mostly dominated by Yahoo. Even if they used Windows Live, then it’s Live Messenger and Live Mail only. Not many know the other facilities.
My Live Spaces is also read mostly by friends I know here from the Clubhouse.

Also, as in my previous post also, my main wired social interaction is not done in the newer media (blogs, IM, social networking) but in a more traditional media, internet forum. They doesn’t even have blog, nor play in the likes of Facebook (Ok, DeviantArt, but that’s specialized themed network and I’m not stepping my cyber-feet in).

Thus, I doesn’t feel as much impact of the new updates compared to peoples who used Spaces more.

As a closing, I had four journals, here, LiveJournal, WordPress and Hatena. The last two is specialized for my hobby and work-related steam-venting, and both are in Japanese for me to train my language usage outside work-related. Facebook… well, had that two, but I only update that probably once in a month or two.

The second journal (LJ) is special. It’s also a daily life journaling like this one. I planned on leaving it actually. I don’t have time to interact much with the communities there. But the thing that keeps me is, there’s someone that said Live Spaces is too damn slow to load, and therefore, she refused visiting here. I need other place to post the stories.

But, I’m still suspecting she had ability to unconsciously crash unwelcomed applications in her computer by mental power of doubts and sentiment alone, so I won’t expect too much (^_^;)


More suggestion

  • Give a facility to cut posts to certain length, with a “Read More” link. If not, pages with posts like this could have too much scrolling.
  • Push up Spaces to the header. This is just a wild guess, I think the reason why MSN link ends up there is office politics, beyond the Windows Live team’s bound of authority.

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3 thoughts on “Live Spaces for me

  1. nice post, :), it’s so funny & sad how bad of a name Microsoft has with the public. Ohh well, i like them. i’m not a fan of micro blogging, i like the longer in depth stories and i like writting so for now i’ll stick with spaces, though i’m sure there are better sites out there. i guess i’m buying into the fact that i hope microsoft will find a way to really tie it all together, desktop, mobile, web.

  2. A very good post Seika. What has become obvious to me is that we do all view Live Spaces differently and use it in far different ways to each other. This isn’t a bad thing, but I think you agree that the actual Blog area that many have seen as the main focus has been ‘shoved’ into the background somewhat with this update. I also notice that it hasn’t been updated with the rest of Live and I intend to post about this later. It does need some big changes making to it. So look out for that. TG

  3. I could understand the team putting Profile there. It’s a new product and needed a momentum too. Besides, they want to compete with social networks with the new Profile. So, Home – Profile – People, I don’t have problem.What I can’t understand is, why Photos is placed there.Spaces deserve the spot more. As Chris mentioned in his previous post about Live Spaces and social networking, we could adjust the space according to our way of expression, for the writers, photographers, musician. Personally, the time I post pictures to album which I want to tell others about, I’ll refer some pictures (and indirectly link to the album) in blog post.Or rather… I’d like to suggest to make links to Spaces recent post in the profile. I imagine, it to be placed like the Office Workspace in Home, in the right corner, under the Network module. But that’s reserved for the ads, so the place left is under the ads that would need a push of the page down button. Visitor in a busy profile can then easily check for new blog posts, as well as new comments (by number of comments) too.


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