Mini-game: Priority

Capitalizing on the latest topic. If you could re-arrange the header for Windows Live, what will it be ?

The rules:

  • Home, Profile, People is there. No touch. New stuff, give them exposure.
  • MSN stays there, assume that is out of control.
  • Add one more space (assume, the search box is shifted a bit to right and the links shifted left) so there’s three spot available.
  • the other two sections in “More” {Skydrive, Family Safety} and {Mobile, Downloads, All services} stay there, no promotion.

So that leaves…

  • Home
  • Profile
  • People
  • [Blank (1)]
  • [Blank (2)]
  • [Blank (3)]
  • More
  • [Blank (4)]
  • [Blank (5)]
  • [Blank (6)]

3 thoughts on “Mini-game: Priority

  1. Actually, in the game rule, Home, Profile and Prople stays. <== I assume the chance are small that three will be pushed back any time soon.So only Mail, Spaces and Groups, then Photos, Calendar and Events competes for the three available place in the one-click area.By the way, that’s my vote. Mail, Spaces and Groups for the three spot.


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