Year end payment

Firstly, the government office here is really… It’s been a month and I still hasn’t got the replacement for my ID card!? The assumption would be, this is year end and they needed “extra income”. I guess, the lesson I get is, separate my cash wallet and card wallet.

Talking about extra income… I think I found the title I want to review next. Lately, I think I prefer doing it on the comic book, preceding review of the movie adaptation. Reason is easy. First, the magazine I’ll be sending it have a policy of waiting for the airing to finish, which by then, the buzz is already over (common thing for most animation). Then, if I waited too long, when the movie starts and become popular, there would be review all over the place by peoples riding the bandwagon. So, hitting it earlier is more pleasant. :P

”K-On!” and “Dogs –Bullets & Carnage–”; and maybe “Hitsugi Katsugi no Kuro”, if I could just find which CD I kept the second volume’s scan.
The first one might just be a page long though, after all, 4-panel comics. The second one, I got the scan for book 1, plus book 2 and 3 is in the office for reading. The only problem would be, Bullets & Carnage is a sequel works for an earlier short story compilation comic. which I had no access to currently.

By the way, I went to the supermarket last Sunday and can’t believe how much dried basil cost. Is Basil really an expensive herb ?

ああ, 兎に角, 金の悩みの記事です.


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