Regularly now

Of the late, it rained regularly in the evening. Been probably two weeks or more. It starts with evening rain, but then now, maybe it will rained more often during dusk. Other than uncomfortably-oily skin and wet hair due to the high moisture in the air, I have no problem. Well, maybe it’ll be problem if it rained heavy this Friday, I planned on going to a local Facebook user gathering (although I’m rarely active in the network group lately).

Received another script to edit today, and another one most likely coming in this week… correction, two more most likely coming in this week.

In addition, the section chief is in high title-hunt mood for new titles to be licensed next year. The package from Japan (from when a colleague went there to hunt for books) has arrived. Had to admit, the lack of some books (especially those needed quick) is not in the package. But then, she only had one day in the tight schedule in-between meetings with publishers, to hunt for the books. But we had an offer, a popular title.

This means, in addition in work load, we have to start to check for modification in pictures. Yes, the culture here sucks that they have to censor any single nudity and over-violence (in the original country, it passed out just fine). I had… 14 books waiting on my desk to be checked Σ( ̄д ̄ノ)ノ

Had to finish the editing soon.

There’s also something different in the schedule planning meeting. No, the snack (my main motivation of attendance (;^ω^A) is still the same. But there’s peoples from the other division (or company). From the planning of January’s week 1, the two publishing will plan for schedule together. But they’re still not used to the workflow here.

PS: about the rain, I start to think about it. Nik commented once that he doesn’t have colour of sky like in the picture I took several days ago around his place. I think, it’s the weather too. It’s rainy season now, so perhaps there’s more particle in the air so only longer wavelength passed through. Behind the rain cloud, the sunlight lit the sky in bright golden colour.


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