Administration works

2008-12-22 001

Today, I got a call from the human resource. Nothing bad actually, I just have to sign work extension contract for next year.

After that, I went to the general HR department to take photo for my new ID card.

To my regret, I forgot to bring my camera, so had to settle with phone camera. The sky is bright, but that’s not it. The general HR is in building called Unit 2, one of the oldest building in the complex. It has this elevator, which I suspect is older than me. An employee I met in there said it’s probably from around the 80s. It has the neon light with easy access, a simple exhaust fan like I had in my toilet, and a set of very retro-looking panel, both the button and the floor indicator lamp.

Before that, I regret not bringing my sunglasses. The sun is so bright today when I went to bank to finish the administration for my lost cards. In the first bank, I got queue number 50. CS is (not: singular) is servicing number… 26. Bye bye, I go to the second bank first.

There, the administration went on smoothly. I then go back, and the queue is 37. Well, because seems like many had retired from waiting, I decided to wait rather than going out to the street looking for lunch, which is a bad idea, because although almost 7 peoples is already not present by then, it still took so long. The CS is always underwomanned (rarely see male staff there).

By the way, job went on until 24. The HR declared, because they mentioned nothing, rumour of half day work in 24 will be rumour and not reality. In addition, 29 and 30 is a full effective working day except to those taking their days off.

I still had a lot of jobs to do. Hope to finish them in the next two days in full speed.

2008-12-22 016

The bus came quickly today, so I didn’t climb up to the crossing bridge to take pictures.

These, I got from in front of my house. The kind of cloud formation that looks like it came out of an alien movie. The rays looks like spotlight from behind :D

But my favourite today is from this angle. Maybe it’s the shade of the branches.

2008-12-22 008


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