Closing to the goal

For me, winter is the night of the year. Solstice is then, the midnight.

In some culture I know, Christmas, or the winter solstice, is not supposedly the greatest celebration. For Christian, it should be the Resurrection. For pagan, new year in Shamhain is more celebrated isn’t it? (CMIIW)

But in popular, Christmas seems to be the best season to sell things. The mood of celebration seems to be the highest in the season. Not only because of Santa Claus lore… maybe it’s the image of a romantic white Christmas, a night spent waiting for something, just like the New Year eve, only bigger in a way.

If the night it midnight, then as my idea of excitement, the closer to the goal (new year, midnight), the mood of celebration escalates. After that, it’s freefall.

I’ve also heard, the Chinese if I’m not mistaken, that a king’s greatest number is 99. This is because he’s already in his glory, but not the end of the line yet. Perfect 100 means there’s nothing after, passed his prime. So, 90 or 99, you’re already at your best, but not bestest yet, there’s still more power waiting.

Same as Christmas IMO is 90. Although the excitement falls after the eve, there’s still something left. After all, holiday season still lasts. New year, in the other hand, is another beast. After that, a new year starts, no longer in ideal dreams, but in real world problems.


3 thoughts on “Closing to the goal

  1. Actually, the idea is not the perfection itself.It’s more something about, after the king passed his golden time, then it’s the end for his reign or dinasty. Things starts going down. I think ^^;


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