Alien head, Lettuce head, Aching head

2008-12-24 003 (768x1024)

Found this when walking up the crossing bridge from bus stop in front of Senayan. Realistic speaking, it’s a plant of palm family.

But the shape is like Alien’s head. Plus, the shape of those seeds (?) hanging down looks like the braided hair of a Predator, despite the green colour.

Enjoyed this finding *laugh*

And the second one is from above the bridge.

2008-12-24 005 (1024x768)

Red sky. Well, always liked the scene. This is also from December 24th.

My plan is, going out for dinner that night, alone. After several consideration, such as free internet (want to type a story or review, but my drafts are kept in Office Live Workspace), the crowdedness (more time and solitude), I choose the place last time I spent hours chewing bowls of salads like a herbivore. The manager in that place still remember my face ( ̄◇ ̄;)
But I’m the type that’s easy to remember anyway. My behaviour pattern is almost identical every time.

After four or five dishes, I decided… went back home, worried about traffic congestion which is nonexistent. Should’ve spent more time until midnight.

Being in the tropic, it doesn’t matter if this is December. The air is hot, which in turn became the source of my problem. Sweaty from the street, straight into building with aircon, then out again, and in again. Repeat several time, plus a generous amount of night wind when riding the bus… my Christmas is coloured with fever, tired body and headache (ノд-。)

Felt better today though. Hope I can make it for tomorrow’s appointment.


2 thoughts on “Alien head, Lettuce head, Aching head

  1. Hope that you are feeling much better now Seika. Love the pictures. Yes it does look like the back of the Predators head!


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