A Revenge

After I can’t get out at all, and a cancelled appointment yesterday, and another things, today I get out and want to relief some stresses.

At least that’s the plan. I picked a place by nostalgic memories, somewhere near the place I worked in last year. The price around that place is bloody high, I’m three quarter broke.

2008-12-28 001 (1024x768) But, this is really Sunday isn’t it. The sky is bright. So bright actually that my camera’s auto white balance produced such blue colour. :P

I think I had to start learning post-processing rather than just throwing everything out right from the memory card.

Ah, the place, like I said, expensive. The pasta is delicious though.

Then, snow is enchanting isn’t it, especially to peoples in countries that doesn’t have them. Some shopping malls here made snowfalls show (using something like tiny soap foams). Because the weather is so bright, the sunlight came in from the skylight and the “snow” sparkles in shape of the rays. No picture taking in the building though, although many doesn’t care.
And careful about looking up, it burns a bit if the foam hits your eyes.

There’s also a show, with press photos from all over the world. I only see some in a glimpse, but they really motivate to try looking for pictures that’s more inspiring.

2008-12-28 014 (768x1024)

Don’t have much interesting to show though. My shots has been blurry today, maybe I’m too hurried. Only have pictures of trees, a weird box in an empty lot next to the police headquarter… ah! and the sunset that made me run up to the highway to chase a moment.

A moment too late though. I don’t want to go down from the bus too early because of cost. This is the negative side of not having my own transportation.

2008-12-28 024 (1024x768) 2008-12-28 035 (1024x768) 2008-12-28 037 (1024x768)

The last one I actually imagined Jupiter’s red spot, but other than blurry, it didn’t really capture my impression of it. What a waste.

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