It’s not my style

To do those “this year in review” type of thing, nor doing happy new year. So… as final minutes of this year is running out, the last small question I can think of right now is…

Anyone know the script to cleanup Vista’s system restore’s restore point using Powershell ?

That’s the style I’d like to continue to next year. And talking of next year, I know I had to learn more programming despite being unrelated to my job description now.

I’m worried about the health test. Although without proper medical check up statement, I think my blood pressure is lower, as well as my white blood cell level, which easily translate as not so fit.

Besides, I think I need to check up and hope nothing is already wrong with my kidneys. It’s not that I drink too little water (maybe not enough, but definitely not too little lately), but I also often goes to the toilet and throw those precious liquid I drink down to the sewer.

But, even so, there’s also a lot other activities I want to do, such as continue writing with consistent progress (which I’m not currently). Time really flies so quickly in daily scale.

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