And it’s bright

First day back at work is not quite like the normal days are back yet. The office is working at 50% in body count, and around 10~25% in head count. I didn’t have much works leftover too, although I’m rather worried about some proofs that I left under my desk is gone. The worst case scenario is still off, so cross that one out.

I took chance at the lunch hour, going out to Pondok Indah for lunch with some friends. The street is still so empty, it took me less than an hour for the trip. If just every day is like this :D

As ambition ruled, the place is an all-you-can-eat, menu is barbeque. After being sick, and long holiday spent mostly in semi-hibernation mode, I guess my stomach is not so ready yet ^^;

It’s tasty, and the dipping sauce is strangely thicker than usual. We also had lots of sketches I didn’t remember (although I think I should, we laughed a lot).

Back to office, after a trip to the toilet and collapse on my desk, time goes up a gear. Then, it’s almost time to go back home.

That’s according to the clock. But seeing the sky, it’s still so bright, I might think it’s still around 1500 at the time. But it’s 1630 already.

My LCD is already fixed too, so tomorrow, I think I’ll take picture of that warehouse door in the shopping centre’s basement parking :D


2 thoughts on “And it’s bright

  1. I do love reading your blogs Seika! I could just picture all of it as I read. I loved the 50% body count, 10 to 25% head count! So you had half of the bodies headless eh? ;) Hmm, perhaps dining somewhere where it is ‘all you can eat’ was not such a good idea considering your ‘gippy’ tummy. Keep blogging and telling it just like it is, I love it!

  2. 50% body count (presence), 25% head count (productive)Not sure though, I’m the one skipping work and fell asleep during office hour :P


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