Lay straight

Felt better than bending down, and of course better for the spine too.

The sixth floor where my office is, is separated into two rooms. First is for the comic and children educational software. Second room is for the computer magazine.

Comic editorial room is closer to an open air area and Musholla (place to pray for Muslims, smaller than mosque) and operational elevator to first floor. The computer magazine room’s benefit includes closer toilet, cooler air conditioning, and another indoor reception room (the other side is half-open, so it’s hot by the day).

That’s the description of the place. But story today is related to it. The reception room by the computer magazine editorial is usually empty and the lights are off. There are two set of couches that can be used as place to take a rest (read: sleep) during the day.

Used that place today. Not more than half an hour I think, but felt a lot better than taking a nap bending down on my desk. My back also felt more refreshed. Other extra reason why it’s better back there is because there’s no computer, so I don’t get tempted to start browsing in my free time.

Ah, but I do forgot to close the phone so the peoples calling to inform about the schedule meeting can’t reach my room. And still about meeting, somehow my boss is spending more and more time out of office after lunch break.

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