The law

…is just as strong as it’s two weakest point, loopholes and enforcers.

Come to thought of this with the recent news of middle east conflict. America stays abstain in the resolution. Well, my question then would be, that two, Israel and Palestine, anyone think they’ll stop without beating the crap out of the other or getting gun pointed to their head ? (^ー^;)

Umm… I think the security counsel should be the peoples that point that gun to stop peoples from fighting right ? That’s why the members are countries with large military power (US & Soviet included). Besides, no point if a group of ants try to stop the elephants from fighting, they’ll just be crushed, either with military power or political-economical pressure, especially if the ants are ready to stab their allies’ back with enough encouragement.

Then in a country, for example, if military backs off from the government, or when criminals are stronger than the police, what will force people to obey the law rather than getting the greatest benefit their power could afford ?

Come on, humans are not that benevolent being. Even in religion, we’re taught to do virtues for the sake of buying our ticket to paradise.

PS: I also wondered, with the demonstrations here. IMO, the motive of why Israel attack is all worldly. Attacking Islam might be low in their list, they just want the profitable plots there. So why did some groups, took the attack as something religious ? That’s Israel vs. Palestine right ? Not Jews vs. Islam.


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