Windows 7 impressions

Joined the club, I installed Windows 7 Beta last night on my desktop.

It took short time only, even with my “one leg in the grave” DVD drive, about an hour perhaps, but I didn’t count.

The casualty in this process is my second drive’s first partition, where I kept my downloaded movies. Yes, I think I cried blood. I hasn’t burn probably two dozens or more files. Luckily, some are available in my work computer, but there are also other that I didn’t have any copy. Well, better to forget the loss and continue with life. *wipes the blood with toilet paper*

Some problem during the installation includes, the installer restart the computer, and I’m faced with Can’t find BOOTMGR error. I restarted the installation three times, and threatened if this fails, I’ll reinstall Vista. Yes, it heard me and go on smoothly. They’re sentient, and Skynet or Matrix is just matter of time

First I do is installing applications, such as Windows Live, and log in to some of my most frequently visited sites. The installation still continues later after I got home today, but I got the basic stuffs covered.
Last in the list would be the most tiresome and boring job, catalogue the 300 or so optical discs where I back up my files and movies.

Met some problems. First is, my Aero style colour suddenly changed to black. Technogran met the same problem, caused by Mesh. I tried uninstalling it this morning, and the problem go away, with the expense that I can’t sync my desktop files to the cloud.
But thanks a lot anyway. :)
Live Mesh team, bug fix please :D

The other problem is same as in my office computer. My Internet Explorer 8 Beta seems to be keen of opening new tab. When I clicked on a Favourite, it opened in a new tab. Same thing when I typed the address. I don’t like this because when I opened a new tab, it showed long list of previously closed tabs. Might be something hidden in the settings that I missed, because my notebook (Vista) doesn’t have this problem, only my home (Windows 7) and my work PC (XP) had this problem.

  • Hasn’t tried homegroup yet. Will this require Windows 7 environment, or will it works in mixed environment ?
  • Internet connection sharing works smoothly. I can access internet from my notebook. But have to try it again later. And thinking of it, there’s a lot of things I want to buy recently.
  • Still a bit clumsy because of the new appearance. But I think I’ll get used to it quickly, after all, it’s not really that different from Vista.
  • Loved the Library. It’s just like Media Player’s library. Or you can see it as a View with several folders joined. I didn’t have to add a lot of folders to the shortcut (for example, I had folder for burned and unburned songs and pictures).
  • Had to get used to the the new taskbar. Hasn’t done any customization yet. Quick menu is useful, although still limited to certain MS product so far. But it needed specific new API to use it right ?
  • My Windows Mobile phone (HTC S730) failed to connect. Windows said it can’t find the driver needed from Windows Update. Need support on this, although since Windows 7 is still in Beta, they would probably shrugs it away as “take your risk” kind of answer.

Small complaint from me for the customization. The dual monitor setting is better than the old Windows 98 style display setting. But it still didn’t support specifying different wallpaper to each. I used two monitor with different size and resolution (the smaller one is my old monitor).
Other than cost saving for me, there’s also similar solution from some brand (Samsung or LG, I forgot) that have auxiliary display for applications such as IM or Photoshop’s toolbox.

In this setup, setting wallpaper doesn’t always give a satisfying result, due to the difference in resolution.

By the way, I hasn’t tried installing to my old notebook yet (Fujitsu P1220. Transmeta Crusoe processor, 512 MB RAM, 40GB anemic hard drive, USB 1.2, 8.9” touch screen, dying battery), Hope it works even if performance is terrible (it’s already terrible with XP anyway). I think I’ll borrow my father’s 4 GB flash disk for the installation.

New problem, I spent a lot for weekend recreation lately, despite having lots of things in wish list.

  • Bluetooth GPS module.
  • Mobem CE-Star application.
  • Wireless router and NAS.
  • Upgrade my notebook to newer model.
  • Windows 7 (which beta will expire in August).

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3 thoughts on “Windows 7 impressions

  1. ahh the pains of installing OS’s. I managed to loose some stuff to.. Anywho, i do dig seven though, i already slightly cringe going back to vista. I have had my share of blue sreens though, and some tricky drivers. The count as of today would be four installs of seven…

  2. Hmm, I have now done a clean install (although my upgrade one is ‘shadow copied’ to my external hard drive so, can revert. Why? Because I began having some graphics issues yesterday after loading some pics into Windows Photo Gallery despite having the newest NVidia driver for my graphics card. Don’t quite know what had caused it, but thought a clean install might be a good idea. I am gutted that Windows Live Once Care won’t work in it, hate all the others! Its a shame Seika about your pictures etc. I always try to keep mine backed up on my other hard drive and some DVD’s but their is always some slip through the net.

  3. It’s in the other hard drive actually. I had my data in the second larger hard drive, except documents in my user folder. I want to get an external network storage, but with the current economy, still a hard thing. Besides, if Windows 7 cost as much as Vista, I’ll need to start saving.It’s my own mistake, I should’ve pulled the cable from my data hard drive.Nik: four attempt to install ? Or four times reinstall ?


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