Bombard of drops

When I’m in elementary school, we’re taught about the monsoon system here in South East Asia, controlled by the summer and winter in China and Australia. There’s half year of rain season and dry season.

The reality, at least as early as I actually pay attention, rain season starts around the end of November, to February, with peak assumed to be before the spring festival (aka: Chinese New Year) and starts waning afterward.

January is the alert season because of the flooding. Well, government want fast money through property business and building commercial buildings (thus this city had dozens of shopping malls), so public park are scarce. There’s not really any substantial flood control system (cost money, easy to corrupt, and the corruption watch committee are like paparazzi). Many peoples still throw trash into drainage canals too.

So far, rainfalls has been coming in waves locally. I could have heavy rain for several minutes in office, but the sky is clear and shine on my home. The rain falls heavily for several minutes, then stops, and falls again, and stops again.

This morning, we had a heavy rain when I woke up. According to my mother, it’s been for several hours already, going up and down in intensity. The roadside has already been flooded, about 5 centimetres I think. But seems like the sky will only be thickly clouded without any rain during the afternoon.

Well, as long as I don’t have to walk 3+ hours back home because the flood cuts off traffic from flowing.

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