Resorting Libraries

One of the features I like in Windows 7 is the Libraries. Well, something to do with way of thinking.

Windows used to have that My Documents, My Music, My Picture and My Video. These folders are located in user folder and the All User (Public) folder.

Vista made improvement by not nesting the three multimedia folders in My Documents.

These are available by default at the left side of explorer in Vista, but still, Windows assume user would keep all the multimedia files in their main (or single hard drive) in that deeply nested directory.

Libraries used something like Search Folders, specialized to be like joint View in database. Anyway, in short practical thing, I can see all those through a special folder “for music” (or pictures or videos, as you would like).

But there’s the folders are sorted by the time you include them to the Library. I tried dragging to no avail. Almost forgotten about the right click menu. Yes, it’s there, the Move Up and Move Down option. Satisfied :D

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One thought on “Resorting Libraries

  1. Ditto Seika you are not alone! I often forget about right clicking on things. Have you tried a ‘right click’ on the icons in your taskbar? This is how you see the ‘jump lists’ where you can see all the activities you have been accessing in for example Internet Explorer and quickly click on one to access it.


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